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We are so glad you stopped by to learn about our team and Speech Therapy services.  We are here to listen, learn, advise and collaborate to best navigate each unique area of communication.  Sound Speech Therapy is exactly that, a group of caring and compassionate Speech-Language Pathologists dedicated to developing robust, fun, and motivating speech therapy activities and overall plans to best meet each client's individual needs.  Our goal is to instill a sound foundation of communication skills to last a lifetime.

Speech Therapists
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Occupational Therapy

Sound Speech Therapy is excited to offer Occupational Therapy (OT) services.  An OT's main goal is to promote participation in daily activities. With children, this is most always addressed through play.  Our occupational therapist can sharpen fine motor skills for functional tasks, build hand strength, work on balance and coordination, and instruct on self-care tasks.  Additionally, the nurturing of cognitive skills such as sequencing, letter memory, shapes, and many other skills can be targeted through OT services.  

Occupational Therapist Amira

Come along with Presley as she shares her journey with Miss Kim in speech therapy.  Every journey begins with the first step. 


Where to Start?

We are here to help from start to finish.  Simply call or text us to talk to one of our therapists to learn more about our approach and address immediate questions.  If you decide to take next steps with Sound Speech Therapy, the intake process to starting the individualized treatment plan is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 - Contact Us

You will be connected directly with one of our speech therapists to discuss your communication concerns.  Together, we will determine next steps.

2 - Assessment

From our conversation, we will determine if a screening and/or evaluation is needed.  During this step, our therapist will meet with you in person to collect additional information to determine recommendations for therapy.

3 - Treatment

We will work with you to create a individualized treatment plan.  Additionally our staff is trained to provide teletherapy services if in person treatment is not an option.

Please use the links below to explore and learn more about some of the areas encompassing speech and language skills. 


Speech Sound production

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Fluency/ Stuttering

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Myofunctional therapy

Social communication

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