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Our Talented Team

Kimberly Williams, Owner & SLP | M.S., CCC-SLP

With over 17 years of speech therapy experience, Kimberly provides fun and affective therapy for young children to older kiddos!   She founded Sound Speech Therapy built on her passion for her craft - speech therapy.  Like her, she has created a team who are equally excited about delivering successful speech strategies for their clients and families.

Fun Fact:  I'm a Western Kansas girl with 25 first cousins, family get-togethers are always fun...and LOUD.  I firmly believe this helped build my strong foundation of family values!


Jana Wallen, SLP | M.S., CCC-SLP

With over 27 years of clinical practice, Jana brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to Sound Speech Therapy, including specialized training in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy.   She works specifically with clients with myofunctional disorders such as tongue and lip ties, tongue thrusts and other oral habits which can adversely affect swallowing, feeding and speech skills.  “I love what I do.  I have a passion for swallowing and feeding therapy and speech clarity interventions.  I feel so grateful for my profession and all that we do to support families and their children.”  


Natalie Moore, SLP | M.A., CCC-SLP

Providing speech therapy for 12 years and the last 8 here in the same town she graduated from, ROCK CHALK!  Specializing in birth to five and speech sound disorders, Natalie is passionate about educating adults to support speech and language skills as well as connecting with children and their families .  "I love planning meaningful activities to support speech  and language skills in young children". 

Fun Fact:  I enjoy cooking, gardening, and quoting The Office!  


Kaytlin White, SLP | M.S., CF-SLP

Our newest Speech Therapist is a native Kansan from Topeka.  Kaytlin attended Kansas State University and graduated from Baylor University.  She prides herself in her ability to help clients communicate by building strong relationships with them.

Fun Fact:  I adopted my dog, Moose, from the Lawrence Humane Society while attending KU, and he is the cutest thing ever!


Becky Armstrong, SLP | M.S., CCC-SLP

Specializing in speech therapy for middle and high school aged young adults, Becky brings 19 years of experience to help provide motivating and engaging sessions.   "I love my profession because every day involves creativity, problem solving, and connecting with others of all ages...every day is different!".

Fun Fact:  I enjoy playing the piano, playing golf, reading books, and playing Pitch with my family.


Hillary Brunin, OT | M.S., OTR/L

Hillary brings 17 years of occupational therapy experience built on her education from The University of Kansas.  She enjoys collaborating with families to learn more about their child, "finding what makes them tick". She uses this information to create impactful therapy activities for helping with visual-motor skills, self-help activities, and sensory processing.  "Finding that just right challenge and watching the child learn, grow and have fun doing it, is the best!"

Fun Fact: I love to bake, run and visit National Parks with my family when we can!


Amira Sayler-Williams, OT | M.S., OTR/L

Amira's occupational therapy experience spans 9 years, working with TBI and school-aged children, and is expanding into early intervention, feeding, and bowel/bladder issues.  "I love helping patients participate in their favorite activities by instilling confidence and building on each success through our sessions, even the small ones!"

Fun Fact: I recently found a passion for running and am currently training for a half marathon this fall!  I also write books for young adults.


Shawnalee Kenning | Office Manager

No business can be successful unless the "behind the scenes" activities are kept in order.  Shawnalee works hard to ensure insurance claims are properly filed and all billing is in order.  She understands the intricacy of the insurance world and fights hard for our families to get the best out of their investments.   "It brings me great joy to work behind the scenes for each and every one of our families. I enjoy talking with you and helping each of you through the process from start to finish!  Thank you for letting me a part of your family!"

Fun fact: I have 4 daughters who keep me very busy! If we are not at a sports or school activity then we are at home tending to our 3 dogs and 4 cats! 

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