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  • I'm not sure if my child needs therapy services. How do I find out?

    • Contact us anytime.  We will discuss your concerns, observations, and questions.  Typically the first steps include a conversation with you followed by a screening and/or evaluation to determine whether or not therapy is needed.

  • What is the difference between a screening and an evaluation?

    • Screening: A screening is a brief look at an individual's communication skills and may help determine if an evaluation is needed to acquire more detailed information.

    • Evaluation: An evaluation is an in-depth look at an individual's overall communication skills.  It is much more lengthy than a screening and may include but is not limited to: parent and teacher report, standardized assessment, outside agency report, observation, and a language and intelligibly sample. 

  • My child already receives therapy services through another entity. Does another evaluation need to be completed through Sound Speech Therapy?

    • This will be discussed on an individual basis.  Typically, a copy of the evaluation and  current plan/IEP will be requested and considered when developing speech intervention for each client along with an individual screening.  If additional information is warranted, an evaluation may be needed.

  • How long do sessions last?

    • Session times fluctuate as a result of several variables including but not limited to age of the client, attention span, and the nature of the individual's needs. Each speech therapy session is a minimum of 30 minutes.  Occupational therapy is typically 30-45 minutes.  Evaluations are typically longer and again, time will fluctuate depending on the skills being evaluated.

  • Where are services provided?

    • Services are provided in Lawrence, KS at our office at 4911 Legends Drive.  Our team also provides services at daycare and private school.

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